Top Sellers Christmas 2020

Top Seller Christmas 2020
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Holiday Shopping News

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Echo Dot (2nd Generation)- Black + Vaux Speaker for Echo Dot - Carbon - Amazon's voice-activated smart home speaker is undeniably futuristic, but it's also practical and accessible. With a rapidly growing slate of features, integrations and use cases, it's easy to get excited about the Echo's potential.

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Star Wars: BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer by Sphero

Meet the First Order's new menace from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, BB-9E. This Sphero App-Enabled Droid houses sophisticated tech to support the First Order in eliminating galactic threats. This vigilant and intimidating astromech droid is always on high alert.

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Alexa is updated!

Alexa can actually show you how to do things! Watch videos or briefings, listen to music, watch videos, and hands free face-to-face calling. This holiday season get Amazon Alexa./p>

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Apple TV 4K Is a Good Set-Top Box

The fourth generation Apple’s TV devices will change the way many Americans stream and watch their favorite shows. This new Apple TV has an internal Apple dual-core A8 chip and is powered by Dolby Digital 7.1 audio output and 1080p video output. Price: $179.90

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Holiday Poetry

The Littlest Christmas Tree

The littlest Christmas tree, lived in a meadow of green, Among a family, of tall evergreens, He learned how to whisper, the evergreen song, with the slightest of wind, that came gently along.

by Amy Peterson

Mama's Christmas Miracle

Mama told me a story a long long time ago not like any that I'd ever heard, all about a little girl mama used to know, how I remember every word.…

by Kathy J Parenteau

First Christmas Without You

The nights are long and cold, the sun is hardly around, Christmas time is approaching, and snow will soon cover the ground. Trees and lights are twinkling, stockings are being hung.

by Jamie Cirello

Christmas Prelude

O little fleas of speckled light all dancing like a satellite

O belly green trees shaded vale O shiny bobcat winter trail

by Lisa Jarnot